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Our computer services

We trend provide various services listed below and others not limit to just this. If you have any queries we will be glad to get back to you with customizable solution.


Computer cleaning Services

The video showcase's you on how we work around with filthy coughed with dust and other micro dust to slow down your system. We clean it professionally!


Server Cleaning Services & upgrades

The video shows how we can modify and upgrade server based on clients requirement's and provide quality support to clients when needed it most . Server support is available on clients request to give them edgy performance over their rivals.


Gaming and Commercial Laptop Servicing and Cleaning

We tend to clean Gaming or Commercial Laptop which have over time clouted with filthy dirt and other micro particles that slows down the system causing them to hang or crash at times. We do all Laptop servicing new or old, if its 1 year already in use you will be surprised how much dirt is in your system.


Gaming Desktop or Enterprice Desktop Servicing and Cleaning

Ever changing demand and supply requires faster machine to work faster and efficient to meet target and save on energy. We clean professionally gaming desktop so you can focus on creativity and not worry about crashes caused by filled up dirt in your system.


MAC Laptop Servicing and Cleaning

For Mac lovers they are always on the move with sleep mode enabled when you close your screen. But as you close, your system is constantly running in background as a result collecting all the dirt surrounding in your bed or sofa or office table. We clean MAC professionally and delicately to bring back your power of quicker workflow .

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